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Local Transportation

Helyi járat - BudaörsBudaörs Local Flight

Homm Kft. has been a partner in Budaörs local transport for a long time. In the first period, in cooperation with several other service providers (BKV, Volánbusz), it met the urban travel needs as a subcontractor.

After several variations, the destinations No.288 and No.289 were introduced in Budaörs on May 1, 2010, offering a unified and complete service.

The relocation of School No.I. to Hárfa Street was the main cause of the introduction of our bus lines. From the very beginning, our company was involved in the local traffic management.

Since May 1, 2013 we are the only local service provider to ensure safe, reliable, and accurate transportation.

To this end, we acquired new, individually designed buses that best meet the needs and represent top quality.

Route 288 travels from the terminus at the housing estate, bypassing the Törökugrató, touching the Medical Center and Templom Square, stopping at the swimming pool, train station and cemetery, and finally Törökugrató. With its long route, it can satisfy a wide range of travel needs.

Route 289 also starts from the bus terminal, circling the western area of the housing estate and running on the same line as bus No.288 to the swimming pool. Then, in an area not affected by other buses in the eastern part of the city, it turns back on Farkasréti Street towards the city center.

Throughout the entire period of our performance, our cooperation with the Municipality is balanced and smooth. We are constantly reviewing the schedule and adjusting it to current residential needs. This has made bus traffic even smoother. Local citizens need was fulfilled by such changes that the two lines create a virtual third one. The coordinated and all-day transfer option creates a good connection between the Ötvös Street terminal and the Kamaraerdő, making it easier for residents in the eastern part of the city to reach the railway station and the cemetery.

Travel on the bus is still free.

Information on bus traffic can be found on this website here and on the website

Please send your remarks and opinions in writing to . If you have any questions about the flight schedule or the current traffic status of your route, we are also available at 20/269-75-21.

Have a nice trip!