Európai Uniós támogatásból megvalósuló fejlesztések


The second phase of BOS started on September 1, we deliver the employees to the Mosonszolnok unit on 13 lines.


We started on September 1 at JABIL’s Tiszaújváros unit with 2 buses, we perform on the Tiszaújváros and Debrecen lines, we transport the employees in two shifts.


On 1 August, the first phase of BOSCH’s transport of workers, with more than ten buses, started. The second phase will start on September 20, when only Homm buses will carry passengers on 23 lines, four of which will arrive from Slovakia. In addition, there will be two buses a day, which will continuously deliver future Bosch employees for education and training.

Two new VDL FHD Futura 2

We can provide another joyful news for our dear passengers. The new embellishments of our special fleet have arrived, two VDL FHD Futura 2 buses. Both vehicles are high-comfort EURO 6 buses that meet all needs.

Social Responsibility

As a social responsibility, our company also supported the Mindszenty bicycle pilgrimage this year. Hundreds of students, teachers and parents of the Pannonia Sacra Catholic Primary School in Budapest cycle from the capital through the abundance of Pilis to Esztergom city to pay tribute to the memory of our legendary archbishop. The cycling pilgrimage takes place in every year – on May 4-5 this year – on the occasion of the cardinal’s death. Every year, the community takes part in the masses and the pilgrimages that really test the participants. They offer it for the spiritual uplift of Hungary and…

Auchan – Homm Cooperation

We entered into an agreement with Auchan Magyarország Kft. for the operation of customer and employee flights. The buses started on November 2, 2017, at nine department stores in Budapest and the surrounding area.