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Transport Of Workers

Transport of workers

Homm - Transport Of Workers

On the currently operated flights of Homm Kft., we transport approximately 20,000 workers to work and back home in several parts of the country every day. Our annual mileage reaches 15 million km, which we currently manage with 290 buses.

We ensure the required accuracy and reliable operation in the delivery of workers, with the same type of fleet and the operation of our own bus service.

We have offices in Budapest, Zalaegerszeg, Sárvár, Székesfehérvár, Miskolc, our services are located in two places in Budapest, as well as in Sárvár, Székesfehérvár, Zalaegerszeg, Miskolc, Hódmezővásárhely, Gencsapáti.

We organize and manage our flights with an office background and 24-hour duty. All our buses are equipped with Armadina’s fleet monitoring system, which also functions as an effective accident prevention system in order to prevent technical problems and accidents. We can handle unforeseen events as efficiently as possible.

Our drivers in the field of workers’ transport meet the requirements of our customers, both professionally and individually, for which we have developed our own training system. We are constantly updating our trainings, editing the experience gained in operation into the curriculum, thus striving to serve more efficient work.

We flexibly offer bus change due to your unforeseeable staff changes. In connection with this, we provide continuous statements on the number of passengers according to your needs, facilitating the overview of the flights’ utilization, as well as facilitating the planning of travel due to the change in the number of passengers.

Our buses have full insurance (motor liability insurance, passenger accident insurance, CASCO insurance for new vehicles).